what is a family?

There is no a unique definition of family.
Family can be many things, and each one is different from the others and this can be difficult to explain to our kids. But there are books that can help us by explaining to children the meaning of love and family, both by telling the happiest and most positive aspects, and by touching the most delicate and complicated situations that a family can go through.

Down below, some books from our Catalogue that talk about family, love, separation and memory!

OUR HIGHLIGHTS from the 2020 Rights Catalogue!



Picture Books, 3+

Grandpa is preparing a surprise party for his 50th anniversary with Grandma. Giorgio and Giorgia organize the party in secrecy and in the meantime recount the daily life of the family, made up of mutual caring moments. Dad is bathing Grandpa; Grandma and Giorgio are preparing biscuits for the party while they wait for Giorgia to come back from soccer; mum is coming home from office and will fll everybody with cuddles; dad helps inflating balloons for the party. Simple and measured words to talk about daily caring through a story in which each of the members of the family contribute to the common family well being and in which grandparents, the elderly, are an active part and do not neglect their sentimental life.

Target: Picture Books, 3+
Format: 18 x 18 cm – Pages: 48
Binding: Hardcover
Texts: Cristina Obber
Illustrations: Silvia Vinciguerra



Fiction, 9+

What is a normal family? Barbara really doesn’t like her family at all: a weird dad, his new girlfriend and two new brothers she would happily do without. She can’t wait to leave for Paris to see her mum! Step by step, however, literally a step at a time, on each floor in her apartment block, lots of other families appear that are even stranger than her own but each united by great love.

Target: Fiction, 9+
Format: 14,5 x 18,5 cm – Pages: 64
Binding: Soft cover with flaps
Texts: Manuela Salvi
Illustrations: Tuono Pettinato



Fiction, 6+

Losing someone close to you is hard to accept. The story is about the special relationship between Nic the mouse and his grandmother and the magic adventures that lead him to discover that nothing will ever change that love, no matter what. A delicate, tender story that gives hope and great fun to read.

Target: Fiction, 6+
Format: 14,5 x 18,5 cm – Pages: 64
Binding: Soft cover with flaps
Texts & Illustrations: Roberto Luciani
Rights sold: Chinese (Simplified)



Picture Books, 5+

One day the teacher saw me thoughtful. I told her: “Why things that were previously united and have been united for a long time then are not united anymore?” The teacher looked at me and tenderly smiled. “Sometimes things that started united can become loose one day”, she whispered. Things change and can separate. Like cherries: they hang from the same petiole, but then you can take one off and offer it to your friend. A book talking about parents separation with all the suffering and disbelief that this experience can cause to children. Even if we feel like a sinking boat in the sea we have to believe and teach our little ones there’s always something positive also in such diffcult changes.

Target: Picture Books, 5+
Format: to be defned – Pages: 24
Binding: Hardcover
Texts: Manuela Monari
Illustrations: Anna Forlati

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