Spooktacular New Fiction Books! Meet our “Marianna Mannara”

Dear colleagues and friends,
today we are pleased to present you a brand new fiction series, Marianna Mannara.
Marianna is a little girl like any other, but when the full moon rises she transforms into a werewolf. What are the emotions and thoughts of a werewolf? What adventures will she find herself involved in? What new friends await her in the woods?

Ever since her great-grandfather was bitten by a wolf many years ago, the legend was born in Marianna’s family that sooner or later a descendant will become a werewolf. And when, on the evening of her eighth birthday, the little girl is hit by the rays of the full moon, it seems that the legend comes true! In the grip of a sudden and unusual appetite, Marianna runs away into the woods, but a shewolf is ready to attack her… luckily she will be welcomed with curiosity by a family of wolves. Marianna Mannara will learn about her new nature and discover what she can do with super powers as “Little Werewolf”.

Ever since she discovered she is a werewolf, Marianna can’t wait to sneak away from home to join her wolf family. This time, however, a nasty surprise awaits her: an evil poacher is wandering in the woods and all the animals are in danger. Marianna wastes no time: she finds the hunter and makes him run away, showing him her paws and claws. But when the sun comes out, Marianna, once again returned to be a child, will have to escape if she doesn’t want to end up in the mouths of her “little brothers”..

Texts: Cristina Marsi
Illustrations: Francesca Carabelli
Format: 17 x 24 cm
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 48

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