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Settenove, founded in 2013, is the first Italian publishing project entirely dedicated to the prevention of discrimination and gender-based violence.
It tackles the topic from different points of view and across all literary genres, with particular attention to fiction for children and adolescents, Italian and international, which contributes to the development of an imaginary free from stereotypes.

“Settenove” is a direct reference to the year 1979, an important year, during which the United Nations adopted the CEDAW, the UN Convention for the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination and Violence Against Women.

Let’s find out together Settenove’s books!

Period Girl

Fiction, 10+

When the first period arrives, Robin is 11 years old and strange phenomena begin to happen to her. Voices, noises, the withered plant on the shelf that suddenly grows and grows… Robin will discover that in correspondence with each of her periods a real superpower starts showing up in her: in contact with the Earth, Robin can give birth to trees, plants and other natural elements. Period Girl narrates the genesis of a superheroine who, thanks to the power of her menstrual flow, can save the Planet from deforestation, fighting climate change and collaborating with the most important international organizations.

Period Girl is the first novel where menstruation, from an unmentionable taboo in many cultures, becomes the absolute protagonist, with the full intention of revolutionizing the collective imagination! 
With irony, lightness and great energy, this novel deconstructs the stigma linked to periods and encourages young readers to welcome body changes with serenity and even a hint of impatience!

Target: Fiction, 10+
Texts: Giorgia Vezzoli
Pages: 208
Cover: Giulia Rossi

I Like Spiderman, So What?

Fiction, 5+

Cloe is a six-year-old girl who likes inventing stories that her mother types on her computer. She is also truly passionate about her new Spiderman schoolbag that she chose for her first day at school. Except her parents, everyone else judges her choice with the same opinion: «That’s for boys!».
But Cloe wants to play soccer with her friends and she loves superheroes t-shirts but education and toys are rigidly divided between boys and girls. She wants to be free and asks to her hairdresser to make her look like her male school friends «because boys can do what they want».

The book introduces various issues related to gender stereotypes and identity but also tries to explain the relationship between children within an increasingly nowadays multicultural context.

Target: Fiction, 5+
Format: 13 x 21 cm – Pages: 64
Binding: Hardcover
Texts: Giorgia Vezzoli
Illustrations: Massimiliano Di Lauro
Full English Translation available
Rights sold: Russia, South Korea

What Will We Do When We Grow Up?

A Children’s Jobs Vademecum

Picture Book, 5+

Marta and Diego begin to imagine about their future during a classroom quiz. Marta dreams of becoming a secretary in an ecologist party and Diego dreams of working in a famous library. Marta also dreams of being an aerospace engineer, of writing great investigative reports or write sport news articles.
As many jobs as the pages of this book: each one male or female inflected, according to the Recommendations of Non-Sexist Use of the Italian Language and according to the Italian Crusca Academy’s current guidelines.

A book to make dreams free from prejudice.

Target: Picture Book, 5+
Format: 21 x 26 cm – Pages: 52
Binding: Hardcover
Texts: Irene Biemmi
Illustrations: Lorenzo Terranera
Supported by Unicef

If a Child

Picture Book, 4+

If a child is not the same as everyone else — if he is shy, if he arrives late, if he sees things in his own way, if he does not believe in what everyone believes in, he risks being labeled as a “different” child. But every child is different and it’s precious in his own way. To discover his preciousness you have to give up judgments, open your mind, take a step towards other people.

A picture book with changes of perspective that invite us to go beyond prejudice and to seek every day the wonderful encounter with the other ones around us.

Target: Picture Book, 4+
Format: 22 x 28 cm – Pages: 32
Binding: Hardcover
Texts: Davide Musso
Illustrations: Anna Forlati

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