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I Got Locked Inside The Museum

Me quedé encerrada en el museo (I Got Locked Inside the Museum) is a short story written by Abraham Spak, and illustrated by the outstanding artist Fabiola Anchorena.

Three children play hide-and-seek through the city. Ariel and Noel go looking for Sam, who has hidden in his favourite place: the Museum of Natural History. This fascinating museum will be for Sam the setting for an extraordinary encounter with a group of adorable prehistoric animals: an Apatosaurus, a Gigantopithecus, a Mammoth and a Megadolon.

A story that, through humor and imagination, addresses issues such the acceptance of our limitations but which also shows children how through ingenuity and togetherness they can overcome obstacles.

The beautiful illustrations, full of details, along with the classic story structure, which uses repetition and accumulation as literary devices, transform the book into a delightful game that will fascinate kids and grown-ups, too!

Texts: Abraham Spak
Illustration: Fabiola Anchorena 
Hardcover: 32 x 22.5 cm
Pages: 36
Target: 4+
Award: Premio Fundación Cuatro Gatos 2024, Recommended book

Can a great friendship exist between two very different beings? This premise is the basis of “So Small, So Big.” A boardbook for young readers that shows us, playing with size and shape, how the friendship between a big bear and a small bird transcends differences to complement each other and share what they both like.

Motoneta’s figurative illustrations are distinguished by high contrast and minimalist shapes, thus giving great importance to the action.
A great little book about relationships, built with three special colors, which give the work great strength and expressiveness.

Author: Motoneta 
Target: Boardbook, 0-3
Format: 16 x 16 cm
Pages: 24

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