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 Dear Colleagues and Friends,
 we are really excited to introduce you to a brand new comic series titled Mimolù: a project by the illustrator Francesca Carabelli with a funny and original text by Cristina Marsi. Then, comes a brand new boardbook series that plays on surprise by the best selling couple Maria Loretta Giraldo and Nicoletta Bertelle.
A tender wordless Picture Book by author Maria Gianola just published in Italian by Gruppo Abele Edizioni.
Last but not the least, Brave Games, an early reading fiction book (target age: 6+) by awarded Roberto Piumini, recently published in Serbia and available in several other languages!

Hope you enjoy this week’s selection of books and that we can be soon in touch!


Cristina Marsi, Francesca Carabelli

The idea stems from the desire to create a comic series for the real little little ones!
The main character is Mimolù, the Bear, with his funny hat and jeans who remains the unchanged protagonist of every story, the one who, asking questions or proposing challenging missions, creates the contexts for ever-changing adventures. His other friends are Firulì (the round yellow bird), Lillalà (the turtle in red booties), Scarabò (the platypus with an orange sweater). They all have very musical names, whose final accent amplifies the idea of ​​play, movement and lightness.

The idea is to make the group grow, in order to tell a different story each time, depending on the characteristics, personalities, curiosities that can inspire new characters. However, the initial group will return during every new adventures, to facilitate identification with the created world. To unite the plots we will always find the invisible but very strong thread of empathy, friendship, sharing, discovery, play and curiosity that leads to seeing things from many points of view and always with wonder.

Genre: Comics (a series with single volumes, each one with stand-alone adventures)
Target: 3+
Format: 15,5 x 18 cm
Texts: Cristina Marsi
Illustrations: Francesca Carabelli

The series of MIMOLÙ waits for you!
Rights available for all languages!

The Perfect Day

Maria Gianola

Being friends? Easy to do! It means doing many things together, always being happy in two! But sometimes it’s not that easy. Because, without any reason, suddenly you seem to live in parallel universes with somebody you have always felt good with. Just a bad day, a gray cloud and you really don’t understand what the problem is with whom you thought to be your friend forever. But no reason to give up: a friend is able to stop and wait. He is capable of staying there with you always. He can sit next to you and wait for better times.
Nothing else is needed, in fact. Just sit there next to you, whatever the place is, and no matter how long it will take to feel better. A friend’s presence and his company, although in silence, it’s the best cure we can offer to someone we really love!

Target: Picture Books-Wordless Books, 3+
Format: 21 x 21 cm
Binding: Hardcover with endpapers
Pages: 28
Concept & Illustrations: Maria Gianola

Brave Games

Librì Progetti Educativi

Each day brings a small big challenge!
It takes courage to learn to ride a bicycle, to meet new friends, to win the battle with your shoelaces, to wait for mum when she’s late picking you up from school. The author tells ten short stories, each about a small but great daily challenge. For a child who has the whole world to explore, a moment of courage and happiness is always just around the corner.

Target: Fiction, 6+
Format: 14,5 x 18,5 cm – Pages: 64
Binding: Soft cover with flaps
Texts: Roberto Piumini
Illustrations: Marco Somà

Look, Look, What a Surprise!

Nicoletta Bertelle, Maria Loretta Giraldo

A brand new boardbook series with holes and flaps, in a perfectly fitting format for the hands of a 2-4 year old child that plays on surprise. «Look, Look, What a Surprise!» is in fact the invitation recurring in each volume. The cheerful rhymes and the beautiful and worldwide famous illustrations by Nicoletta Bertelle lead the child, through riddles or hide-and-seek games, to discover the world, animals, nature and the seasons. With curiosity, fun and a lot of pure amazement with the unbeatable rhytmn and poetic touch of Maria Loretta’s rhymings!

Target: Board Books, 3+
Format: 20 x 20 cm
Binding: Board books
Pages: 22
Texts: Maria Loretta Giraldo
Illustrations: Nicoletta Bertelle

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