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Their publications for children and young people focus on wonderful and enchanting illustrated books…
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It is a special night for Emma, waking up in the middle of a peaceful sleep. But who is that funny, chatty fellow who has suddenly appeared right to her, and who has so much to tell her and show her, like a friend who knows her most secret dreams?

In the dialogue between Emma and the odd stranger, the small bedroom becomes a magical place of emotions, fantasies and little adventures to remember.

Texts: Franca Monticello
Illustrations: Anna Pedron
Target: Picture Books, 5+
Format: 26 x 26 cm – Pages: 36

A child eagerly cultivates the anticipation of Saturday, when his grandfather will arrive to fill the day’s time with affection and wonder: a time to be lived slowly, to explore to the full the magic contained in the world.

A poetic tale of words and images, a complicit and fantastic game capable of looking beyond things, transfiguring them and enriching them with new meanings.

Texts: Donella Giuliani
Illustrations: Alessandro Coppola

Target: Picture Books, 5+
Format: 24,5 x 30 cm – Pages: 36

Linda has a treasure between her fingers, a precious little thing. But where? At school, classmates have lots of ideas. But Linda has one, too. A very special idea of her own! 

Texts: Loredana Erbetta
Illustrations: Lilia Miceli

Target: Picture Books, 4+
Format: 22 x 22 cm – Pages: 36

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