It’s the season of Love! 💘 Valentine’s Day Books for Kids! 📚


It’s the the season of love, and books are a perfect way to talk with children about it.
Valentine’s Day can be a great opportunity for parents to teach the value of this word.

These children’s books introduces the theme of love in many different ways and for kids with different ages: silent books, lovely characters, the power of love against prejudice, the meaning of falling in love, and the value of freedom.

Twenty-Four Thousand Kisses

Settenove (Italy)

Wordless Book, 4+

A real catalog of poetic and humorous, unlikely and authentic kisses. A long silent book that needs no words, but to which each one can give his voice. A sample of natural and unpublished effusions, because we will have to start kissing again, without foreclosures or prejudices.
A folding book that is not folding but, as its author says, “A fierce sentimental device”.
265 cm of sweetness and love!

Target: Wordless Book, 4+
Format: 20 x 12,5 cm / 20 x 26,5 cm
Binding: Concertina-folded book with softcover
Printed on both sides
Illustrations: Antonio Ferrara
Layout: Tommaso Monaldi

So Close

Marie-Laure Depaulis & Dunja Jogan (France/Slovenia)

Wordless Book, 7+ (Option with text also available)

The book gives us a vision of two houses that we can keep observing with a zoom in. The view shows two neighbors, two strangers, separated by a wall. Two different worlds where a SHE draws, in an ethnic atmosphere in dark and earthy colours. While a HE dyes fabrics in a garden where bright colours and plants stand out. It’s enough to remember that we just need very little, maybe just a flower flying away, to open our eyes and change once for all our lives!

A beautiful book about difference, love and tolerance and against any kind of racism and prejudice! A powerful message with stunning images, full of colours and poetry…

Target: Wordless Book (option with text also available), 7+
Format: 23 x 23 cm
Binding: Hard cover with jacket
Pages: 32 + endpapers
Concept: Marie-Laure Depaulis
Illustrations: Dunja Jogan

Collywobbles and Other Emotions

Librì Progetti Educativi (Italy)

Fiction, 5+

When your heart races…

Your heart thumps like a drum, your face turns as red as a beetroot, you can’t get your words out in one piece… These are all emotions and they almost always tell the truth about what we are feeling. Nothing to fear, they just want to be listened to!

Target: Fiction, 5+
Format: 14,5 x 18,5 cm
Pages: 64
Binding: Soft cover with flaps
Texts: Roberto Piumini
Illustrations: Annalaura Cantone
Rights sold: Chinese (Simplifed)

No One’s Bird

Vivandra (Hungary)

Fiction, 14+

A novel about the eternal first love between two extraordinary human beings, a sensitive Hungarian boy living in the Hungarian steppe and a mysterious Japanese artist girl. A novel inspired by the old Japanese tale, The Crane Wife. It is for everyone not fearing the force of loving embraces and is willing to learn the essence: “If you love a bird, you should be the sky, not a cage.”

Target: Fiction, 14+
Format: 16 x 23 cm – Pages: 56
Binding: Hardcover
Texts: Anna T. Szabó
Illustrations: Kinga Rofusz

I Fell in Love

Manuela Monari (Italy)

Picture Books, 5+

What does it mean to be in love? It means going faster, seeing the stars much closer, writing poetry and always having perfect hair. Then there is always a she, who inevitably loves somebody else!

A book that tells us what love is, because love makes everything come true, even those things that you would think impossible to happen. The humorous text combined with colourful images propose a modern and refined illustrated album for the youngest and for grown-ups too!

Target: Picture Books, 5+
Format: 20 x 20 cm – Pages: 24
Binding: Hardcover
Texts: Manuela Monari
Illustrations: Desideria Guicciardini

Prince Elephant is Looking for a Bride

Manuela Monari (Italy)

Picture Books, 3+

There’s no accounting for tastes but satisfying those of Prince Elephant really seems an impossible task. And so, even if he’s looking for a wife the poor prince seems destined to remain a bachelor forever until he identifes his signifcant other in someone he would have never imagined.

A series of adventures and strange princesses with incomparable and unique gifts create havoc at the court of the king for a story that keeps the structure of a classical fairy tale. The ending however will be unexpected and will give an original flavour to the eternal mystery of love!

Target: Picture Books, 3+
Format: 21 x 21 cm – Pages: 38
Binding: Softcover
Texts: Manuela Monari
Illustrations: Manuela Trimboli

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