The world is in these days discovering how the youngest generation will probably lead the change we need on Earth. The Planet is our home, and as we would do with our own house we have to protect it and take care of it: simple actions like recycling and caring for the environment can become normal habits and make a difference, if everyone takes them seriously. Let’s talk with kids about that connection with Nature that is precious and we must not lose! 

On this topic, here our HIGHLIGHTS for the Bologna Book Fair!!



Picture Book

In a wood, a little girl goes hunting for a mystery. The Lady of the Woods is a creature who protects and helps animals, she does not hide, she lives free, yet very few ones are able to see her, to recognize her. The girl lurks, armed with patience and a kind heart. She wants to approach the Lady of the Woods to get to know her and learn from her everything that makes her so extraordinary. Eventually she will succeed, and together with her, she will discover a part of herself that she did not know. She will discover that she too could become a lady of the woods!

A poetic and delicate story, which explores the desire to get in touch and in harmony with Nature with wonderful images full of sensitivity. An intimate but at the same time adventurous journey, among the leaves, in the greenery, on the forgotten paths of the most sincere emotions, such as affection, amazement and respect for Nature. A story conveying sincere feelings of beauty and joy towards the natural world around us and that we should more and more protect and take care of!



Early Reading Fiction

Can recycling be creative? The amazing and funny Gugul?s will show us how this smart activity can become an adventure.

As everyone knows, an immense plastic island rotates lazily on itself in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. No one knows, however, that the Gugulùs have taken shape here: bizarre colorful little creatures, with plastic caps for hats, who use sandals and rubber ducks like rafts, plastic spoons and forks like spears, the only inhabitants of a world now deserted. Or at least, this is what they believe… The Gugulùs are geniuses of “creative recycling”. They live cheerful and happy, struggling as they can, but there are thousands of difficulties they encounter every day in this crazy, all-plastic world, including the poor reception of their neighbours, the rich Zigoli. But among the Gugulùs there are arrogant accumulators of plastia and guguzze (their currency). But there is also a group of dreamers, who think that somewhere there is still a world without plastic and they dream of finding it. Little heroes who try to clean up the island and fight in secret to free the animals imprisoned in plastic to recreate a new clean world!



Fiction 6+

Who better than her can teach us how to save the planet? A story not only about Greta, but also about all the others – girls and boys – who can follow her and become like her.

The story of the friendship between Astrid, an aspiring journalist, and Greta Thunberg, the environmental activist nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, who in a few months managed to enter the imagination of all of us as the «Environment Guardian». Astrid interviews Greta for her school blog. She wants to know more about her story. Thus, the story of her commitment to the climate is intertwined with her personal history, past and present, in a dialogue that evokes flashbacks about her childhood and useful information to understand the reasons for her struggle. The evocative text by Fulvia Degl’Innocenti and the sparkling illustrations by Francesca Rizzato make the book suitable for young readers aged 6+ and also for school programs focused on this topic.



Fiction 10+

And what if saving the Planet becomes a mysterious mission
Let’s follow our heroes and see what happens…

An unprecedented experiment takes place at the New Era Studies Centre, where a team of telepaths join forces to increase the scope of their mental prowess. The trial is successful and the telepaths unexpectedly intercept an SOS from far, far away. Who sent it, and where from exactly? And why does a secret commando try to kidnap Pumpkin, the youngest member on the telepathic team? The Invisibles will have to protect her. Between chaotic climate changes, balloon flights and trips to the Amazonas, our young heroes will eventually discover that the message came from the Earth itself – a planet on the verge of an environmental catastrophe. Will the Invisibles manage to outrun time and save the Earth with the help of a mysterious cybernaut called Captain Nemo?

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