Happy Birthday, Find Out Team!🎈


2011 was the time our Publishing Agency was founded, full of dreams and wonderful expectations – ingredients which accompany us still today, day after day! 2011 was also the time when our first series MILLA’S WORLD was created as the first children’s collection produced entirely by us, as packagers, and sold in a few countries with success: this is how our wonderful adventure really began!

Since then we have worked hard to build a network of affectionate, professional and warm-hearted Publishers, Illustrators, Authors and a lot of good friends among them, thanks to whom we are now able to spread recognized high-quality and valuable children’s contents all over the world.

To celebrate this special day with all of you, we are going to take a journey through time and space together!

But do you want to know more about Milla?

Here you can download Milla and the Stinky Witch, 
an exciting adventure where Milla makes a really weird and stinky encounter!

Milla is a young little girl accepting challenges of life and overcoming her inner fears to solve problems. She does not hide her weaknesses, as well as her “rogueries”. Milla is positive and dynamic, always ready to jump into new adventures. She always learns from experiences and she understands that each new situation will leave something good and make her a better person. Milla is not alone: she is always in company of enchanting, funny and affectionate friends, giving life to exciting dynamics and events.

Target: Picture Books, 4+
Format: 21 x 28,5 cm – Pages: 32
Texts: Barbara Truffa – Illustrations: Domenico Granata

5 titles available:
Milla Wants to Fly
Milla and the Stinky Witch
A Special Night for Milla
Milla goes to the Countryside
Milla Rock

Italian, English, French, Spanish and Chinese available for evaluation
Rights Sold: Italy (Milla and the Stinky Witch), Spanish-language South America, Mainland China (Chinese Simplifed)

Watch the video for a little sneak peek at the audiobook!

If you would like to receive the complete version, don’t hesitate to get in touch pressing the button below.
Thank you!

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