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Dario is sixteen. He is a very difficult person to deal with, his teachers know something about it. He lives with his mother with whom he communicates little or nothing. After all it is her fault, Dario thinks, if his father abandoned the family when he was just a child. At school, after yet another confrontation, the dean decides to give him an exemplary punishment, and assigns him to assist a disabled student.

That’s how Dario meets Andy, immobilized on a wheelchair and unable to communicate with the outside world. Dario and Andy. They could not be more different. Yet, an extraordinary adventure “on the road” will reverse all schemes. A road adventure able to overturn all stereotypes over teenager distress and disability.

Target: Fiction, 12+
Texts: Gabriele Clima

Format: 14 x 21,5 cm
Pages: 176
Binding: Hardcover

Awards: Winner of the Andersen Prize 2017, Fiction 15+



Nico has got a problem. His anger. And the fact that he is unable to control it. Because anger, when it comes, is like a wolf that follows you, hunts you and does not leave you until he has overwhelmed you. You cannot stop a wolf. You cannot stop the anger if it becomes a wolf. Maybe that’s why Nico is unable to keep a relationship, either with his friends or with Claudia, who’s the only one able to help him.

But Nico cannot yet figure it out: to make this happen it will be necessary that the darkest and most disruptive part of himself, the angry part, the wolf, takes over.
A novel about teens’ anger and about the emotional and rational storm that often, at that age, unchains unexpectedly.

Target: Fiction, 12+
Texts: Gabriele Clima

Format: 14 x 21,5 cm
Pages: 192
Binding: Hardcover with jacket

Rights sold:
Russia, Spanish (Worldwide)



A coming-of-age novel that tells the story of a single day and the story of a whole life at the same time. Exams, Summer vacations, love and true friendship: reminding us of how much each second of our life is really worth living. Giacomo does not have much confidence in himself: the only certainties in his life are Fabione, Giacomo’s best friend, and Martina, a girl whose troubled past continues to torment her, and keeps her from letting herself go and loving Giacomo.

Once exams are over, Giacomo and Fabione are planning an adventurous Summer holiday on the beaches of Puglia, in southern Italy. But the adventure gets to a bad start. Giacomo is plagued by a wicked headache, he feels like a high-speed train is racing through his skull; and Fabione breaks his ankle playing soccer just before leaving. But they’re not going to let anything stop them…

Target: Fiction, 13+
Texts: Luigi Ballerini

Format: 16 x 23 cm
Pages: 256
Binding: Hardcover

Awards: Finalist for the Leggimi Forte Award
 (Children’s Book Section)

Rights sold:



A touching and magically real story about a pet cemetery. A Maine Coon cat called Ginger wakes up after an illness to discover she’s actually dead, and one of many animals – referred to as Ànimans – who are now ethereal souls who live like “wind in the wind” or animals inhabiting all animals. They no longer have a physical presence, they are weightless, invisible to humans, can travel through time and space, and also into dreams.

The main narrative describes mysterious occurrences in the cemetery which a group of Ànimans tries to investigate. The themes touched on are of a spiritual and ecological nature, using language and invention – in a way that has been compared to Gianni Rodari – to think about the meaning of life itself. From an animal’s perspective.

Target: Fiction, YA – Adult-crossover
Texts: Bruno Tognolini

Format: 14 x 21 cm
Pages: 272
Binding: Hardcover with jacket

Awards: Book of the Year Fahrenheit (RAI Radio3) 2017, Finalist Premio Strega Ragazzi 2017, LiBeR Award 2017

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