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Giovanni Del Ponte was born in Turin where he lives in an attic flat looking over the river Po. He has written four books in a series called Gli Invisibili editedby De Agostini Editore:Il segreto di Misty Bay, La strega di Dark Falls, Il castello di Doom Rock and L’enigma di Gaia. He has also published the novel Acqua tagliente(De Agostini, 2008) and the short story La leggenda della masca Ciattalina in the collection “Tantestorie” (Egea Editore, 2004).

“Premio nazionale di narrativa per ragazzi Comunità Montana dell’Alto Crotonese” (2003) for “Gli Invisibili – La strega di Dark Falls”; Premio Bancarellino 2004 for “Gli Invisibili – Il castello di Doom Rock”; Premio Giovanni Arpino 2005 for “Gli Invisibili – Il castello di Doom Rock”.

THIS is why Gaia is calling us:
so that The Invisibles can finally save it…

THE INVISIBLES and The Mistery of Gaia

Fiction, 12+

An unprecedented experiment takes place at the New Era Studies Centre, where a team of telepaths join forces to increase the scope of their mental prowess. The trial is successful and the telepaths unexpectedly intercept an SOS from far, far away. Who sent it, and where from exactly? And why does a secret commando try to kidnap Pumpkin, the youngest member on the telepathic team? The Invisibles will have to protect her.
Between chaotic climate changes, balloon flights and trips to the Amazonas, our young heroes will eventually discover that the message came from Earth itself – a planet on the verge of an environmental catastrophe.
Will the Invisibles manage to outrun time and save the Earth with the help of a mysterious cybernaut called Captain Nemo? 

Target: Fiction, 12+
Format: 12 x 20,5 cm – Pages: 344
Binding: Softcover

Giovanni Del Ponte talks about The Invisibles


Fiction, 12+

Arizona, Navajo reserve. In the middle of the desert, tycoon Anton Glass inaugurates New Atlantis, the world’s biggest water park. Full of spectacular, futuristic attractions, it taps into an aquifer discovered earlier. The guests at the inauguration include the WebTV BoyZ, a multiethnic group of young no-global cyberactivists. They accepted the invitation intending to investigate its devastating effects for an article on their website. Yet once they arrive, strange, eerie events begin to take place. It seems that when the park was built, it reopened an ancient portal between the two worlds, which is now putting the whole planet’s very existence at risk.
Thanks to a Hopi Indian, a young Italian expert in ancient civilizations and a robotics genius, they manage to decipher a message dating back to the Pleistocene and discover how to close the portal: the two dimensions are once again separated and the water park is sacrifced, leaving way for a lake that offers new possibilities to the Hopi Indians on the reserve. The result is renewed hope for a future of peaceful coexistence among the different populations and greater respect for the environment.

Target: Fiction, 12+
Format: 12 x 20,5 cm – Pages: 380
Binding: Softcover

…always about our Planet



Fiction, 6+

Format: 13 x 21 cm – Pages: 64
Texts: Fulvia Degl’Innocenti
Illustrations: Francesca Rizzato

English sample translation available
Rights sold: South Korea



Fiction, 6+

Format: 14,8 x 21 cm – Pages: 96
Binding: Softcover with flaps
Texts: Isabella and Marco Rosso
Illustrations: Laeli Erre

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