Enchanting Picture Books for Children – Unveiling our Latest Selection for Publishers


A story about fragility and strength that coexist in a perfect balance…

A poetic prose about the uniqueness and fragility that living beings share, characteristics that can be both human and animal, in which to recognize and be strengthened. In a world that is constantly changing, the only certainty is the ties, the sharing and the possibility of recognizing oneself in the sense of losing the other in order to unite and grow together.

Texts: Valentina Rizzi
Illustrations: Luca Caimmi
Target: 4+
Format: 22 x 28 cm – Hardcover
Pages: 40


This book is secretly a geology book thought of as poetry. Tectonic plates, submarine volcanoes, plate subduction, magma, karstic landscapes, among other basic geological themes, coexist in it, which is also a tribute to the horizon of the largest volcanic chain in the world, and to the mountains, to the Earth, our oldest grandmother, and surely also the strongest one.

Text: Julio Serrano Echeverría
Illustrations: Juan Palomino
Target: 5+
Format: 21,53 x 27 cm – Hardcover
Pages: 36


Soul Haunt is the seamstress in town. She has spent hundreds years making and mending the haunting sheets of all the ghostly inhabitants. But lately, the ghosts don’t come out as much as they were used to and, what’s worse, they don’t scare anyone anymore…

Text & Illustrations: Pablo Choca
Target: 3+
Format: 23 x 23 cm – Hardcover
Pages: 36

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