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Laura Walter lives in Padua where she works and writes stories for children, her true passion. She started with the novel La Grande P.P.P., a special mention to the Pippi 2004 Prize. Her second novel, Mistica Maëva and the Ring of Venice,the first of the trilogy that is starring the red Maëva, won the Libri Infiniti – Critici in Erba Award in 2007 the National Prize Mariele Ventre 2008, ex aequo with Bruno Tognolini, and ascreenwriting contest in 2020.


Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure, 8+

An original and accomplished middle grade trilogy.
The writing is superb. It is rich in colour with delightful swashbucklings of metaphor.
Readers will engage with the winsome, personable characters and be carried away
by the exhilarating plot. The books are steeped in irresistible Italian atmosphere and legend, from Venice to Verona to Padova.
Each book has its own standalone appeal, but would make an accomplished and compelling series. A rattling Grand Tour from the comfort of our chairs!

Mistica Maëva and the Ring of Venice


A selective competition launched by MiBACT (The Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism) in which Laura Walter won the second place out of 140 participants (and only 6 winners), thus positioning herself in the very first places with her book Mistica Maëva and the Ring of Venice.

A coming of age novel that, with the willing of the young protagonist Maëva to save Venice from High Water, introduces the very topical theme of activism for environmental protection which, together with the rediscovery of Venetian traditions and the most unusual historical monuments, places the work on an original level.

Mistica Maëva and the Starry Tower
Mistica Maëva and the Secret Balcony 

The stories take the reader on a series of whirlwind adventures through three fascinating Italian cities and between past and present, reality and a parallel dimension.

The cast of eccentric and engaging characters solve riddle after riddle and unravelling enigmas to save Venice from being flooded forever, to fnd Galileo’s magical “eye of the soul” telescope in Padova and to save love from a dangerous enemy in Verona.

The secret to the success of Laura Walter’s Mistica Maëva books is simple: the author captures her readers’ attention with legend, holds it with intrigue and adventure, then serves up a feast of architecture and history so fascinating they can’t wait to come back for more.

Titles: Mistica Maëva and the Venice Ring – Pages: 192; Mistica Maëva and the Starry Tower – Pages: 328; Mistica Maëva and the Secret Balcony – Pages: 306
Target: Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure, 8+
Format: 14 x 21 cm

Binding: Hardcover with Jacket – Also available in a paperback version

Rights sold: Netherlands, Greece

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