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It’s never too early to start reading!

Playing and reading with children is really important since they are newborn. This helps kids to give a meaning to the world around them, to stimulate them and to start developing language and literacy skills.

Here’s a selection of different kinds of Baby & Board Books from 0 to 4!

The Cuddle Thief

Board Book, 2+

Lily had asked for a kitten for her birthday. But maybe the pet store ran out of kittens because mum and dad came home carrying this thing here, pinky and sticky. It is not clear why mom and dad decided in the end to keep it, since it knows how to do the most useless things like drooling like a snail with a cold, for example. But the most terrible and frightening thing of all is that this thing is a mom stealer! It was then that Lily took her beloved blanket, 2 chocolate chip cookies and decided to move to the tree house and never come down again.

From the series LILY’S WORLD

Lily is 7 years old, she has 6 soft toys, 5 bedtime books, 4 frightening fears, 3 best friends, 2 parents and 1 little brother who has just arrived. She likes collecting insects, snowflakes, she loves raspberry jam, new words and diffcult questions. What to say? She really looks like a super tough little girl!

Target: 2+
Format: 20 x 20 cm – Pages 12
Binding: Board Books, 6 spreads with flaps in different shapes on each right page
Texts & Illustrations: Maria Gianola

Want to Play Hide and Seek?

Board Book, 3+

A brand new board book series with holes and flaps, in a perfectly ftting format for the hands of a 2-4 year old child who enjoys surprises! «Look, Look, What a Surprise!» is in fact the invitation recurring in each volume. The cheerful rhymes and the beautiful and worldwide famous illustrations by Nicoletta Bertelle lead the child, through riddles or hide-and-seek games, to discover the world, animals, nature and the seasons. With curiosity, fun and a lot of pure amazement.

Target: 3+
Format: 20 x 20 cm
Binding: Board books
Pages: 22
Texts: Maria Loretta Giraldo
Illustrations: Nicoletta Bertelle


Board Book, 0-3

To create a Coccolo you only need: a tree, two special leaves warmed up by the sunshine, rain feeding the tree roots so that leaves can grow and grow… and a heart full of love!

A lovely storytelling designed by a mom for his child.

Only inspiring illustrations, no words (possibly short texts to be added) and a common theme: a little piece of fabric that can become your baby’s own Coccolo. A Coccolo for every day and every night, a Coccolo made of different colours and fabrics.

Your baby will meet a cat, some little ants, a crab, a sewing mouse while a sweet lullaby will calm and make him/her fall asleep. Inside the book you will also find instructions on how to create a real Coccoloyour little unique one!

Target: 0-3
Format: 18 x 18 cm – Pages: 12 spreads + cover
Binding: Board Book
Texts & Illustrations: Raffaella Castagna

My Book of Treasures

Cloth Hanging Books, 0+

The time of early mother-child separation for babies and little children to attend kindergarten or preschool needs care and attention and can be experienced very differently from child to child. The distance felt from the adult and the fear of no return can produce a feeling of “absence and abandonment” for the baby that should be avoided.

So, this wonderful new series offers very original and appealing transitional objects that can play such an important role in the correct emotional development of toddlers. Each cloth book folds in 6 pages and develops either horizontally or vertically, it’s closed by a click-clack button and once open can be hanged in the kids’ room.

When closed, it’s a soft and light object that can be placed in the toddler’s backpack or in the adult’s bag to accompany children during their daily hours far from mum or dad or even from their dearest other people or pets in the family. Each page (15×15 cm) offers a pocket for keeping a picture or a drawing of a person, a pet or even an object that are particularly signifcant for the child and that can be kept close to him all day or night long.

2 titles available:

My Caterpillar
My Home

Format: 15 x 15 cm
Pages: 6
Binding: Cloth Hanging Books
Target: 0+
Concept & Illustrations: Cecilia Fabbri and Raffaella Castagna

This beautiful and colourful series offers children and adults an opportunity to play and encourage little ones to overcome possible discomfort originating from the first separation experiences far from home or from their dearest family figures!

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