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Mimebù is the publishing house of the Italian Mimesis group aimed at children and teenagers, with the vocation of a free and independent thinking.

Mimebù wants children and young people to think, reflect and entertein. Their books don’t have any barriers or prejudices.

Let’s find out together Mimebù’s books!



Picture Book, 5+

How will I be when I grow up?
A child struggling with growing up asks herself many questions, some of which are considered by most to be a bit burning. In fact, nudity still seems to be a taboo, but what’s wrong with knowing your body? After all, that’s how we are! The time has come to strip off all prejudices and admire the beauty of nature in all its forms.
We meet Aida, who comes from a very hot place and has dark skin; where Erik lives, instead, it often snows and the skin is white as milk; finally, Liang has two small almond-shaped eyes and in his country there are even pandas!
Even adults are very different from each other: then we enter the changing rooms of a swimming pool, to discover that each person – old or young, tall or short, thin or fat – is unique, and that’s exactly the beauty. You know how boring if we were all identical!
But then, what does it matter how I grow up?! Because despite the differences, my family and friends will love me equally.
A tender picture book that reveals discrimination by enhancing the beauty of diversity.

Target: Picture Book, 5+
Binding. Hardcover
Format: 24 x 24 cm
Pages: 36
Texts & Illustrations: Alessia Colombo

The Magic Box

Picture Book, 4+

What will ever be inside that box that Aunt Caterina gives to her grandson for his birthday? Leonardo opens it with impatience. When he plunges his nose into it, he feels a warm wind and a vortex drags him through a tunnel.
Suddenly the air smells salty and Leonardo fnds himself on a sailing ship that quickly sails into the sea. But the journey is only at the beginning! Now the kid is aboard a balloon that flies on a prairie, then he lands on a small planet surrounded by stars and takes care of a rose, and fnally ends up in the stomach of a shark… and then…
Well, read it all and find out yourself! A thousand-andone adventures await Leonardo inside that very special gift contained in that super special magic box… which is a book!

Target: Picture Books, 4+ 
Binding: Hardcover with jacket
Format: 24 x 24 cm
Pages: 44
Texts: Fulvia Degl’Innocenti
Illustrations: Paola Formica


Huck’s Secrets

Fiction, 12+

When Huck is left at the Dog Training Center, Martina is immediately fascinated by the dog. His thick gray fur and those extraordinarily expressive eyes hide a mysterious identity that asks to be revealed. The park bench is an occasion for Alex and Irene to meet and know each other better: they who have been stealing glances for days.
In a torrid summer, three 16-old kids and a dog with an unknown past weave their lives. Martina was abandoned by her mother when she was still very young, Alex is not allowed to meet his father just released from jail, Irene lives her grandmother’s disease closely and Huck has gone through different humanity, knowing the experience of fear and abandonment.
The journey undertaken by the protagonists will reveal the secrets of a dog and will unite their destinies enabling them to discover themselves and feel the dizziness of their first love.

Target: Fiction, 12+
Format: 13 x 20 cm – Pages: 292
Binding: Hardcover
Texts: Giuliana Facchini

The Author Giuliana Facchini talks about Huck’s Secrets!

My Life at #13 Years
A Four-Paws Written Diary

Fiction, 10+

Nina is 13 and has got a cat named Marika, that will soon turn 113 months, 13 weeks and 13 days.
But 13 is also the age apparently shown by Nina’s parents: a father glued to the armchair and a mother screaming at 120 decibels (when it is proved that the maximum tolerance threshold is 90!). Nina would like to be a girl like all the others, grappling with the first adolescent dramas, if it were not for a detail that makes her life out of the ordinary: Marika can talk. What do you mean that a cat can talk? And what does she say?
Well, Marika gives Nina fashion advice, helps her with her homework… and above all she scolds her: “Don’t eat crap!” Or “Don’t wax yourself!”. Nina has then tried to tell her story on Facebook, but nobody wants to believe it. And so she has decided to write a kind of diary. She is absolutely sure that, sooner or later, a good, willing publisher will accept to publish it!

Target: Fiction, 10+
Format: 12 x 17 cm – Pages: 152
Binding: Hardcover
Texts: Nena Baylen
Illustrations: J.F. Hunde

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